Meet our new format:
Lateral Skins.

A truly effective format

We have the pleasure of presenting our new, special format.

Pick between two elastic-and-fixed banners positioned at the sides around your website, or just one, to the left or right.

Customize this format as well to maximize its performance.

Espacios Alternativos en Tu Inventario

All your ad spaces are taken?

Kontextua gives you a new option to monetize your website: a space off of all spaces.

Adaptabilidad de tu pieza

A format adaptable to your website: don't mind the resolution- it will adapt to the one on your screen.

Adaptabilidad de tu pieza

This format will follow you along the scrolls and website, and it will allow you to decide if you're fit for two banners or on just one side.

How can I install this new format?

First you must register as a Kontextua user and set up your first website. If you're already registered and do posess a website within the platform, skip this step.

Once your website has been created, you must go to the dashboard and generate a tag.

Once the tag has been created, we must specify to which kind of format it belongs to. Lateral Skins belong to our Display ads.

Once the kind of format has been selected, we must pick which categories are relevant to the created ad block.

Once the categories have been picked, pushing "next", you'll have to pick which formats within "Display" you wish to use. In this case you must pick "LATERAL" (step 4) also choosing if you wish the banners to appear at both sides, or just one and which one.

Once the option picked has been selected you must confirm the tag being generated (step 5).

Done! Your tag is ready to be established in your website.


Got any questions?

Not a problem: you can check out our Support Center.


Try this new format