Miami, Florida, U.S.A. (September 24th, 2012) | News

RedMas will invest two million dollars in Kontextua to encourage the development of new digital advertising platforms as well as pushing its expansion in North and Latin America. In the midst of the LatAm Media Festival 2012, the Cisneros Organization has announced the adquisition of Kontextua, in-text and in-image advertising network with great positioning in the both previously mentioned markets.

Through the RedMas Business Unit, the Cisneros Organization invests in the south american Digital Advertising market, that nowadays reaches up to 2.500 million dollars and achieves a 15 to 20 percent growth per year. 'We're very excited that Kontextua becomes a part of RedMas as we see great growth in Online Advertising and they have made great insights in this area. For an example, they have found a niche by developing a proprietary platform that allows to serve contextual advertising in pages within thousands of websites' said Victor Kong, Chief Digital Officer of the Cisneros Organization.

Kontextua is a successful latin american venture founded two years ago by Germán Herebia and Carlos Córdoba. The company has developed an innovative online advertising plaform for the creation and monetization of advertising spaces not previously taken advantage of by in-text and in-image advertising, adding a new source of income to the more than 12k spanish-and portuguese speaking websites affiliated to its network.

Kontextua's technology scans the content of the websites recognizing text and images to later show contextual-targeted ads. The advertisers running campaigns in the network pick content categories or keywords related to their products or services, to advertise with contextual segmentation to an audience of more than 60 million people in spanish and portuguese.

'We're happy to join an organization with a clear digital view, and to be the arrow's head for the online advertising business expansion in the region under the RedMas brand' has expressed Germán Herebia.

RedMas will be making an additional 2 million dollars inversion in Kontextua for the development of new digital advertising platforms as well as expansion in Chile, Mexico, Brasil, Colombia and the North American Hispanic market. Nowadays, the company offers its innovating contextual advertising products and standard advertising formats in thousands of websites, to more than 800 brands and advertisers that have both branding and performance campaigns.

Germán Herebia and Carlos Córdoba, Kontextua founders as well as digital entrepreneurs with more than 12 years' experience in Internet, will continue in charge of Kontextua, and will join the RedMas team to develop new markets in Latin America and the North American Hispanic market, and will provide their expertice for the creation of new online advertising platforms.

Carlos Córdoba also stated 'We will continue to take a chance on technological innovation at the service of Digital Advertising. With RedMas's support, we will accelerate our developments and release new ones over the next few months'.