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Kontextua is the easy, effective and fast way to monetize your website

We offer In-Text, In-Image, Display and Related Tag solutions with Multiple Language Support.

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Many Ad Formats

Choose between a range of ad formats to insert in your website:

We have In-Text, In-Image, Display and Related Tag formats in IAB standard sizes, as well as special formats such as our Slider, Infooter, Elevator and more!

Customize our ads as well to maximize your performance.

No minimum payments*

You can cash any fee in your account with no mandatory minimum. We also have multiple payment methods such as Paypal, Payoneer and Bank Transference.

Easy to Set-Up

In just three steps you will have the code for your adblock at your disposal.

  • Create your website
  • Create your Ad block
  • Generar tu Tag

Compatible with other platforms.

Kontextua is compatible with other ad platforms and networks, so you can broaden your monetization choices without inconveniences.

* Only for accounts with PayPal as Payment Method.

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